Water fasting

If anyone wonders where I’ve been for three days I have been water fasting! Why would I do that? Water fasting has amazing health benefits–like yanking the battery out of your phone for a hard restart when it tangles up with too much stuff. Water fasting after the first 24 hours and up to 40 days (over 10 days under a physician’s guidance only) burns up inflammation in the body first, then fat, then tumors! That’s right, tumors! Of course tumors are the last things to dissolve and sometimes only after 10 or more days of fasting.

Tumors begin to shrink after about 3 days of water fasting. This is because tumors are actually a product of inflammation in the body. After about 10 days tumors are now being eaten up by your metabolism (tumors are also a process of catabolism–the direct opposite of metabolism). By day 21 of water fasting most, if not all tumors, are dissolved and history.

Intermittent fasting

Did you know that water fasting just one day a week will soon reverse most diabetes? Intermittent fasting is a kinder gentler way of correcting the body’s metabolism than an emergency 7-day or more fast for health crisis intervention. Intermittent fasting will help slowly bring inflammation under control in your body. Keep in mind that intermittent fasting is no solution to filling your gut with garbage for 6 days and hoping the 7th day will correct anything wrong–you still need to pay attention to your diet.

BTW, when you water fast your body starts consuming triglycerides within about 12 hours from the start. Worried about your cholesterol? Try fasting.

Health fasting

I call abstaining from sugars, dairy and carbs “health fasting”. Juicing fresh vegetable blends is my preferred prescription for this kind of fasting. Just 7 days of health fasting can show you if a food group is causing your Parkinson’s, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Heart Disease, Anger and Depression, acid reflux or other disorders.

Spiritual Fasting

I like to relax when I multi-day fast. I shut off the Fox News, Facebook, emails and etc and pray a lot. I listen to sermons, praise and worship music and take special care and grooming of my body with Epsom salt baths, coffee enemas and the like. What I think is the biggest benefit of a spiritual fast is that you will learn to deny the temptations in life whether it is food indulgence, drinking challenges, gaming and social media challenges or the even bigger temptations to “sin” in your spiritual walk.

Fasting conclusion

If you are doing a multi-day fast you simply cannot keep up with your old work load or routine physical workout. You will crash into the wall somewhere around or before day 3. Always restart your diet with some bone-broth soup and eat a few bites of bananas. Ease into a full diet and consider abstaining from one food group for at least a week or more after. Each time you fast, rotate abstaining through things like grains this time, or gluten in particular, or dairy next, sugar, meat, all processed food, etc. You will be able to identify what your body hates and what it likes doing this method. Hint: If your body hates something and your belly swells up and you feel bad after eating that thing–stop eating that thing forever!

Also, if you are a nursing mother I do not recommend water fasting for more than evening until lunch the next day.

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