Many of you readers are familiar with the hazards of Teflon as cancer causing and even deadly when heated, burned and inhaled. Well…Guess what? Teflon is polytetrafluoroethylene and it is being used in making some-if not most of the blue Covid-19 masks!

Did you know that polytetrafluoroethylene is basically carbon and fluorine? Well, how deadly is fluorine? I’m glad you asked because fluorine in its gaseous form is incredibly dangerous. Even small amounts of fluorine gas can case eye and nose irritation while larger amounts are deadly. Not only did the Nazis use fluorine gas to murder masses of people but they also put fluoride in drinking water to “pacify” (drug) those pesky insurgents during World War 2.

Let me ask you a chemistry question. Can chemical solids like polytetrafluoroethylene off-gas? In other words: Can you inhale fluorine while wearing a mask? AND, can polytetrafluoroethylene rub off on your face and skin? The answer is obvious to me. Yes it can and yes it does!

If, and I say IF you are wearing a mask (because you are either afraid of the coronavirus or, even worse, afraid of your government), please, please, please make sure it is polytetrafluoroethylene-free.

Oh, and did you also know this? The most common symptoms with every day Teflon contact and use is fever, cold and flu symptoms. Of course these symptoms are rarely connected to Teflon by doctors.

Don’t believe me about Teflon in masks? Google it for yourself and educate.