Quotes by Craig Stellpflug

“I’m really not that original…Everything I know and say and do I have learned or borrowed from somewhere!”

Sage Advice

Reputation: What people who don’t know you personally think about you. Character: What people who do know you personally think about you.

If you want to learn to love better, you should start with someone you hate.

The choices you make today will always affect tomorrow.

A tree cannot forever stay a graceful young sapling. With time it has to grow strong and gnarly to weather the many winters, droughts, firestorms and other hazards that will befall it through its life. But, oh what a majestic organism is produced with age! The very scars in the bark and twists in the limbs all tell an awesome tale of survival and perseverance. We are that tree…


“The best time to seek your good health is while you’ve still got it!”

Health is a spectrum. You go from good health to disease with a whole litany of subclinical things happening. By the time disease shows up it has been years in the making and you were not even aware of it. To think that a pill or surgery can magically replace disease with good health is bad thinking. You have to make lifestyle changes to rise above the disease state and migrate toward good health again.

An unchallenged immune system is a weak one!

Choices; make an informed one!

Using chemo and surgery for cancer treatment is like hunting mice in the kitchen with hand grenades.

Pharmaceutical drugs are poisons with effects. Some of them are desirable effects and some are undesirable. There is no such thing as “side effects”… they are ALL effects. That term “side effects” is double speak and lessens the reality of the consequences of manipulating things in the body.

Did you know that 50% of all doctors graduated in the lower half of their class?

I wonder why we don’t use medical doctors in pharmaceutical trials?

“People ask God to heal their bodies ‘God heal my cancer, heal my cancer’ ‘God heal my diabetes’ ‘heal my arthritis’ but they won’t stop smoking, drinking and eating a trash diet! In other words they won’t stop sinning against their bodies but they still want forgiveness and healing!”

“Cancer is not a disease but rather a symptom of something very wrong in the body!”

“Medical science will never cure cancer!” “Remove the cause of the cancer and the body already knows how to cure cancer!”

Every child’s development is limited by the opportunities afforded to that child!”

“Helping hurt kids become normal
and helping normal kids become exceptional”

Mandatory vaccinations! They impose on our “right to bare or not to bare our arms”. Last I knew this is still the land of the free… Choices; make an informed one!


I always said I was going to be the father I always wanted, the boss I always wanted, the spouse… etc. I took the best of what my dad did and made it better while forgiving and avoiding the bad stuff he did. We all need to be the leaders that we want. Take the good and make it better but most importantly teach our children this principle.

Love your child? If your child has ADHD the LAST place on earth you want to take them is to a medical doctor for drugs. Restrictive diet and child development is your problem to solve and there is no drug substitute for that one.

Parents are responsible for their child’s behavior. Not society, not the courts, and definitely not the teachers or school system!

Much like Thomas Jefferson cutting and pasting the bible to rearrange it, so are our views of history and the bible. It is taught through many translations and distorted by the opinions of the re-writers and skewed by the postures and attitudes of the teachers. But it is finally filtered by our private interpretation and then we then filter our opinions and bias to the next generation


Life is still the perfect thing to pass the time away!

An untried, unchallenged friendship is a weak friendship

If you are in over your head it doesn’t matter how deep the water is…

We have forsaken the wisdom of diet and exercise for the knowledge of the latest chemical and surgical breakthrough.

People are to be loved, things are to be used! If you love things you will use people.

We have forsaken wisdom for knowledge

You cannot get organized function from a disorganized brain!

“As bad as anyone may want to change something in their life, until an action is taken in a different direction, everything will stay the same.”

“The harder the soil… the hardier the plant!” (that’s what I say when things look tough and life gets hard!)

 “One of the reasons there is so doggone many lawyers in America today is because people do not take responsibility for their own actions!”

”A new direction will change the dynamics of any cycle.”

“If what you are doing today is not working… do something different tomorrow.  If that doesn’t work tomorrow, then try something else again the next day.”


All work is honorable… We should work just as heartily for one dollar an hour as we would for one hundred.


“We’re off like a herd of turtles!” “You’ve heard of turtles haven’t ya?”

Give me the choice of two evils, I’ll pick the one I’ve never tried before.

WHEEeeeee! Said the snail on the turtle’s back!

“This is an old, secret family recipe I just made up!”

 (On the early worm…) “Before you get out of bed each day – I would check and see – If you are sporting feathered wings – or if the worm you be”

(On dental hygiene) “Only brush the ones you want to keep!”

If they ever develop a spray for lawyers the population of Austin Texas would drop to 3,000 people!”

Aren’t those suicide bombers going to be surprised to find it is 70 angryVirginians and not 70 virgins!


“A true friend will always be there for you and without fail will always take you back to the Word of God!”

An untried fellowship with God is a weak one.


” If you are surrounded by debt, and that debt is growing, stop making debts!” “In other words, if you’re in a hole and it’s getting deeper, STOP DIGGING!”

“When we borrow on tomorrow, we have to borrow again tomorrow against the next day because we already spent tomorrow’s earnings today!”

“Why are you even in the rat race if you’re not a rat?”


“The effective event planner is not only the hardest and most versatile worker but is also one who can identify, attract, delegate to and lead the most talented people.”


The purpose of communicating is to convey ideas and meaning.

The art of communicating is to convey the heart behind the ideas and meaning.

But, it is not enough to just convey ideas, meaning and the heart behind them because it must be a heart worth emulating.

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