Brain Structure vs Function


Inside Fixing the Brain Book 1 (Restoring Order to Brain Disorder), we discovered some fantastically basic truths about brain development and explored some of the infinite possibilities for human potential. We saw in Book 1 how the brain is naturally organized and how the brain grows in processing capacity. Most importantly, we found that we can impact and change the brain where things are either disorganized or underdeveloped. In that book, we were like pilgrims sailing across the seas to discover a fruitful continent; a new frontier with fertile valleys, majestic mountains and verdant plains.

In Fixing the Brain Book 2 we continue as explorers—commissioned to map out the lay of this amazing frontier, traverse the meadows, cross mighty rivers and climb mountains to define and coordinate the vast ecology of rich resources in our world. Welcome to Book 2 where we begin by exploring Brain Structure and Function and then take a closer look at some deficiencies that may be causing problems in the brain and how to utilize some of the rich resources available through Deficiencies and Supplementation.

As you make your way through these books, be sure to highlight and take notes of any familiar symptoms or areas that resonate with you or your child’s situation. The information you gather will help in creating a map and plan for your journey. With the information covered in Books 1 and 2, you, as a parent or caregiver, will have necessary tools in your explorer’s backpack for the future Books 3 and 4, where we will invest in pioneering as we build upon receptive and expressive functions in the brain.

Coming up in Books 3 and 4, we will establish outposts in the wilderness where the undisciplined wilds are begging to be tamed so they can work synergistically to produce an ebb and flow of resources for brain development through infrastructure. By Book 5 we will become civil engineers tasked with designing sustainable communities of brain structure that will bring into manifestation the awesome human potential in all of its glory—as it was intended to be.

This frontier of human development we want to understand and develop is perhaps the most exciting expedition any human can undertake. We will find that the brain contains relatively untapped potential that goes beyond sub-atomic science and even transcends our knowledge of deep space. Do you want to explore this close universe that resides within our own bodies together? If so, welcome to the next part of your journey, Fixing the Brain Book Two, Structure vs. Function.

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