A collection of poems by Craig Stellpflug

Craig Stellpflug is an experienced and published writer. He obtained the title of Poet Laureate in 2005 after publishing many poems in various magazines, newsletters, art galleries, and on-line publications.

Excerpt from my latest book: Ravings of a Sane Man

Ravings of a San Man is a collection of select poems I have written through the years. Follow me through times of trouble, praise and worship, humor, loss and depression–all gathered into one special book!
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Excerpt from page 28:

The Autumn of Life

Everyone comes to a season of time called the autumn of life
As you near the end of all your life’s toils and strife

Past the worn framework of successes and failures you’ll see
What is the unspoken witness that your works decree

Your fields have been gathered and your barns are all filled
Gleanings upon which all of your children shall build

For the generations to come you have stone bridges erected
Over unpredictable waters they now cross protected

For the sweat of your brow is not all for your own gain to see
But for the successor to go forward more than thee

Time is precious and once spent no changes can be made
And the autumn of life can no man evade

The harvest is complete and the preparation for winter is nigh
For to return and live again all seed must die

This piece was inspired by another painting of that great friend of mine, Karen Davis. As with other paintings this was not necessarily her interpretation but rather was my own. This painting went to sell out at a 1,000 issues of limited edition giclee reproductions.

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