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1 of 3: Cussing, cursing, taking God’s name in vain

Part 1 of 3:

Cussing, cursing, taking God’s name in vain
A biblical perspective of foul language…
Swearing, obscenity and vulgarity is Sunday night’s Bible study topic in part 1 of our 3 part foul language series. Join me at 6 West Coast time as we broach this sorely neglected subject from the scriptures.


Part 2: Cussing, cursing, taking God’s name in vain

Taking God’s name in vain. That is the title of part two in our cussing cursing taking God’s name in vain series. This week we focus on taking God’s name in vain. What does it mean? Is it using His name plus a curse word or is there more to it?


Is masking a biblical thing to do?

Covid part 1 Masking? What are some of the biblical perspectives of wearing a mask? What are some of spiritual and moral implications of Covid-19 mandates? Our Sunday night bible study where tonight’s topic is a Biblical perspective about masks. This is the first installment of three parts. We will talk about churches and our right to assemble next week and Medical Treatments and vaccines the third week.


Quit with the public worship or go to jail…

Covid part 2 Forsaking the assembling. That is our topic in part 2 of this three-part series on covid-19 concerns from the Bible. Last week we talked about masks, this week we talk about church meetings and next week we will talk about vaccines!


Is taking a vaccine biblical?

Covid Part 3: The coronavirus vaccine from a Biblical perspective! I’m going to cover biblical, mythological, medical, and constitutional aspects of the vaccination for covid-19 that is looming on the horizon. Is a vaccine going to save us?


We have this treasure in earthen vessels

Jars of Clay: The water pot #1

This is the first of four teachings titled Jars of Clay. The water pot is tonight’s subject if we look at the Gospel of John chapter 4 and the woman at the well. How significant is a water pot?


He is the potter, I am the clay

Jars of Clay: The Potter #2

The Potter: Formed and reformed. This is our second of a four-part series on Jars of Clay. Tonight’s title is the Potter, formed and reformed. We will start out in Jeremiah chapter 18 in The Potter’s House.


Filled to overflowing

Forsaking fountains, hewing cisterns. That is tonight’s “Jars of Clay” teaching number 3 of our 4-part series. How many cisterns have we hewn for ourselves to replace God as our source and supply of everything we need?


Vessel to honor or dishonor?

This is part 4 in our Jars of Clay series. Vessels unto honor! There were many different vessels in the Eastern culture and in Bible times. Some were gold, some were silver, wood and clay. Some to honor some to dishonor. What kind of vessel are you?


10 Bridesmaids

The 10 bridesmaids is our topic today in our ongoing understanding difficult scriptures series. Who are these Bridesmaids? Are they us? But we are the bride. Let’s dive in and look at this.


Bride of Christ

The Bride of Christ
Jesus said “I go to prepare a place for you”. The men gathered around Jesus as he spoke these words would have understood them plainly in light of the culture and customs of the times. Let’s look closer at the Galilean wedding customs spoken by Jesus to his bride. The big question is this: Is the church of this age the Bride of Christ?


Abba, Father!

Abba, Father! Have you wondered what all is behind this saying in the Bible? You will be surprised at the depth of meaning in this phrase. Let’s explore the significance of this “adoption” cry from our hearts. The spirit of adoption: The feeling of affection, love, and confidence which pertains to children and not the servile, trembling spirit of slaves. Adoption is the taking and treating a stranger as one’s own child.


Heaping coals of fire on their heads!

Romans 12:20 says when we do good to others who intend evil we “heap coals of fire on their heads”. Is this vengeance or grace?


The complexities of suffering: John 9–Man blind from birth.

Does suffering: 1) bring you closer to God. 2) drive you away from God. 3) solidify indifference towards God. We are in John chapter 9:1-41 where Jesus heals the man born blind from birth and what happens all around him.


The Great “I Am” and what that means today.

What do you need God to become for you? The Great I Am will become that which you need Him to be. This is His promise!


Think on these things! Saturday morning Men’s Bible study

What you look at, think about seeps into your heart. What you think about–you become!


What does it mean biblically to admonish one another?

To “admonish” comes from the biblical Greek word noutheteō which is not about shaming—it about showing behavior by example: “this is how we act…”.


Watchman of the word

Watchman of the Word is the topic of this morning’s Bible study. This is the original “see something say something”!


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