A natural remedy for high blood pressure. This is my secret recipe including Bergamot and lemongrass oil.
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Hibiscus leaves are an antioxidant-rich addition to hot tea, natural medicines, shampoos, conditioners, skin softeners and other products. The hibiscus plant is used to treat hair loss, dandruff, cold, cough, flu, fever, reducing hot flashes, treating tuberculosis, relieving everyday stress, lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, all the while boosting the body’s energy levels. Hibiscus tea reduces labor pains and menstrual cramps and is used in the Philippines for pregnancy prevention. One of the major health benefits of hibiscus is, it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. But be careful about raiding your garden hibiscus because there are over 250 varieties of hibiscus and some are poisonous!