If someone’s home fell into a growing sinkhole would they rebuild it a few feet away from the original disaster? My guess is that only a fool would attempt such a fete, because shouldn’t they logically seek more stable ground to rebuild the foundation upon? Kind of a no-brainer of course.

Now, what if that someone continued rebuilding again and again and again right next to the same growing chasm? Pouring all their assets and even years of their lives into the efforts? Eventually that particular someone will fall into the void–house and all and that will be the end of that whole endeavor–and the someone too.

Even today our immune systems are crashing into an abyss of autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, chronic illnesses, anomalous genetic syndromes, pernicious cancers and now, pandemic viruses! Just tell me it isn’t so and I’ll call you a liar… Could it be that we are building our health and immune systems on top of a growing sinkhole? Cheap and highly superficial foods, sedentary lifestyles, specious drugs and beguiling vaccines are turning out to be sinkholes wrecking our health–and yet we keep right on rebuilding upon the exact same site and sinking further and further into the chasm of infirmities and diseases.

Maybe it’s time to step away from the sinkhole and build a new foundation with healthy food, restorative vitamins, minerals and supplements, living water, chemical avoidance and stress reduction. Hard to do? Maybe so. But dying the slow, miserable death of floundering health and declining quality of life is even harder.
Step away from the sinkhole!

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