We’re doing it wrong! Here I am at my favorite high-end food store and they are out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Meanwhile the produce counters and shelves are chock-full of what you really need to fight the pandemic–fresh fruits and veggies and great vitamins!

My question is this: “Why are we not rushing the produce counters and reaching for a bottle vitamin A beta carotene??” There shouldn’t be a juicing machine left to buy out there if people really knew what counts!

And here we are, squabbling and scrapping over toilet paper?

I know this, I am protecting myself and my family by doing what we always do in buying some more fresh, organic produce–which is in PLENTIFUL supply. If people wise up and there is a run on these vital victuals, we are days away from gardening in this greener than green Washington State.

So, we’ll survive this too. Grow an even stronger immune system. Remain at peace in our souls. I’ll even pop by Costco in a few minutes and grab some more organic goodness and maybe a pack of toilet paper.

God bless and protect us one and all!

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