This is a reading of a poem I wrote and recently republished.

The Soldier

A man in the hospital lay
A marine who had fought real hard
With regret the doctor did say
“You’re crippled and forever scarred”
Now fear upon his mind did prey
A fiery blast his conscience marred

Another lay in the next bed
Someone like him burned head to toe
Both were lucky not to be dead
Recovery would be real slow
By tubes and IV’s they were fed
But they would live they both did know

The other’s wife came softly in
Quietly while he was sleeping
With trembling hands and quaking chin
She lifted a bandage peeping
Aghast at his silicone skin
In her throat her heart was leaping

“I’m still so young!” she was thinking
His gruesome wounds did her appall
From the horror she was shrinking
She couldn’t cry, she faced the wall
Touched her wedding band unblinking
Removed the ring and let it fall

The marine watched the young wife flee
He thought, “What would his own wife do?”
When his injuries she did see
“That trouble I won’t put her through!”
“I’m better off dead she’d agree!”
Quickly a dark depression grew

With all the strength he could apply
At his life support he did tear
Now he only wanted to die
To spare them both from this nightmare
And let her as a widow cry
To her he thought this was more fair

With his IV line he fumbled
He pulled and pulled but he was weak
Just when his will to live crumbled
He felt her kiss his wounded cheek
“You must move along,” he mumbled
“And for another husband seek”

She smiled at him with all her heart
“I thank God He spared your life!”
“And from your side I’ll never part”
“It’s you I love, I am your wife”
“I’ve always loved you from the start”
“Just ease your mind from all this strife!”

Please let me explain what I mean
“My dear, my love for you remains”
“I wed not for what is seen”
“But for the love your heart contains”
“Take my hand and upon me lean”
“For your healing my prayer campaigns”

So she stayed with him day and night
And the marine did as she bade
He let her love him through the fight
And soon the scars began to fade
And he quickly regained his might
And nevermore was he afraid

Inspired by a bible teaching by Thurman Schrivner recently where he used this story to open his sermon. I do not know who to give creative credit to though as he did not make this story up on his own. I borrowed the story from that teaching and put it to rhyme while adding some of my own twists.

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